Primary online database.

Information notes will be sent home shortly about a new online database being rolled out by the Department of Education and skills. This database, nicknamed POD, will require all schools to register their students on a secure website run by the Department.

Further information about this database is available on the Department of Education’s website at the following link.

Halloween Walk

On the last day of school, before we went on our mid-term break all of the school went including the teachers and SNAs went for a Halloween fancy dress walk.

Ms.McDermott’s senior class and Mrs. Brennan’s senior class went to the infant classes, just so they would be safe and just so they won’t run, fall or hurt themselves and if they wanted the girls to hold their hand if they were scared of the cars on the road.

We went around the Fairgreen three times, we went through the fire station and all around. All of the teachers were dressed up as witches with little mini black and orange hats on their heads and black capes and some teachers had brooms and Mr. Cole was too. He was a bird out of Angry Birds and he also brought Ben with him so he could join with the others. He was dressed up as a shark but some of the infants called him a dinosaur.

Some of the children were scary and other children were funny. At the end everyone had a good time.


KCLR in the school

We had a visit from our local radio station KCLR when the chickens arrived a few weeks ago. Our green school committee greeted Maryann and showed her where the chickens would find their home. She spoke to some of the members about chickens and to Fiona Dillon who explained to the children about how to care for the hens. Our beautiful hen house was delivered by Old McDonald feed and farm store in Carlow.

The hens have now begun to lay eggs and we get one or two every morning.

Click here to listen to the clip from the radio.

Our school football team.

This year we did the school football with 4th, 5th and 6th class. Mr. Cole, Ms. Corr and Ann Hickey trained us. We did a lot of training to practise for our matches.

Our first match was against Scoil Mhuire. It was in McGrath Park. They played well in the first half but in the second half we caught up with them. Anyhow at the end they won but we weren’t sad because we had another chance to play another match.

The second match was in Eire Og against Askea. We won that, but they played very well in all of it. We beat them by 2 goals and 4 points and we were delighted. All of our team were happy because we were going into the semi-final.

Our semi-final was in Eire Og. We played against Gaelscoil. They played very well in all of the match. At the end they won. All of our team were disappointed but we were happy in a way because we tried our best.

Jessica Tamas

Football 14