There was great excitement in the school for the last weeks as we hatched out seven chicks. With thanks to Nore Valley pet farm, an incubator was set up outside the office and there was great excitement as seven eggs were placed inside. The eggs had to incubate for three weeks before the real excitement began. On Monday morning following our mid term we noticed some small cracks in a few of the eggs. Every trip past the office took a long time as children stopped to examine the eggs for any further developments. Every rock and roll of an egg was greeted with delight as we waited patiently for the first chick to emerge.

On Tuesday morning the first people into the school were greeted to chirping as the first chick had emerged from its shell overnight. He was quickly christened Charlie. That day there was a lot more activity in the eggs and two more chicks arrived around six that evening. The other chicks hatched overnight and we were very lucky to have all seven alive and healthy. After a few hours in the incubator, the chicks were strong enough to be placed in the nest box. Charlie who had been in the box on his own was delighted to be joined by his fellow chicks.

The chicks stayed in the box for two weeks as we got to watch them getting stronger and stronger. They doubled in size in the short time they were with us. We also got to see the feathers on their wings tart to form.

Last Friday the farmer came and brought them back to the farm where they were reunited with their families.

It was a great learning process for everyone in the school and will be a real highlight when we look back on the years work.

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