Planting and gardening.

Classes have been busy planting around the school and in our new raised beds. So far a number of different types of flowers and plants were planted along with onions,potatoes,peas and beans in the raised bed. Our composting areas is also nearly complete and we have started a wildflower section to attract bees. We are also going to construct a bug hotel so we can investigate mini beasts.

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New hen run.

We decided to upgrade the hen house recently to give the hens more room to walk around. Thanks to Billy and the workers in the school for their hard work. Our hens seem to be extremely happy and haven’t stopped laying eggs since they arrived. They are very well minded by the senior girls who come down everyday to check for eggs and to feed and give them water.

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Irish dancing

Well done to the girls who gave a demonstration of Irish dancing for Seachtain na Gaeilge. The crowd in the hall were captivated by the quick feet and agility of all performers. Congratulations to thoses girls also who are often awarded trophies and medals for their dancing skills at competitions throughout the country.

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Seachtain na Gaeilge

Seachtain na Gaeilge was a huge success with children creating beautiful stories and art work based on Irish themes. Well done to all classes who spoke on the radio in the office. These children gave great examples of comhrá, storytelling, singing and poems. Congratulations to the winners in each class of the various competitions.

Maith sibh!

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