On Friday the 3rd June Mr. Cole and Catriona Ozun did a skydive for Queen of the Universe school. Catriona’s daughter Michaela is third class in our school. They went to the aerodrome in Kilkenny and jumped with Skydive Ireland.

Catriona had done a Skydive before so she had suggested the idea as a fundraiser but it was Mr. Cole’s first time! A man called Dean from Skydive Ireland jumped with them from the aeroplane. He had the important of making sure the parachute worked!


For weeks before children wrote messages and put them on the notice board. There was an article in the Nationalist and a billboard outside the school showing our fundraising target. Thanks to hard work by the Parents’ Council so far we have raised over 8,000 euro!


If you would like to see the Skydive video go to

Photos are also available on the school Twitter account.

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