Maths Superstars

Our school uses a website called to help boost maths attainment in our school.

A large number of the children in the school use this site to work on teacher assigned tasks and to play interactive maths games with their friends and with others around the world.

As a school we have seen the math scores of our students improve across the board and it is great to see the extra motivation the children have to get certificates and trophies for continued engagement with the site.

Bronze Certificates can be won each week, leading onto silver certs after a number of weeks. If  student works hard and gets a certificate for 30 weeks, a gold certificate is awarded. As a school we recognise the effort and dedication this takes by awarding a Gold Maths award trophy to these children.

Math questions are differentiated for each child based on their ability and teachers can monitor areas of difficulty for each child.

Last year an incredible 127,976 curriculum questions were answered by children in our school with 915 certificates being awarded. On top of this 267,003 quickfire questions were answered in short races against others to see who could get the most right in the allotted time.

A brief information sheet below gives some of the stats related to Mathletics in our school.

Mathletics Update

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