Helping others.

Well done to third, fourth, fifth and sixth classes who collected food donations for the local St. Vincent de Paul association. We are delighted to be thinking of others at Christmas time. Well done also to fourth, fifth and sixth classes who visited Beam and St. Lazerian’s singing carols and bringing some Christmas cheer to others in the community.

Santa’s visit to the school!

Today our school had a very special visitor. Santa arrived early this morning and visited each of the classrooms in the school. There he heard some lovely songs and was asked lots of questions about what list the children were on! Luckily all the children seemed to be on the nice list so they can expect a visit on Christmas Eve. Each child was then given a present of a Folens Christmas Annual and either a pen or a pencil.

Thanks to the Parents’ Council for their support and we are delighted to see children reading and enjoying the annuals with their friends. A great day all round.


Irish 4th class students best in reading in Europe – Minister Bruton

Our school was chosen to take part in Pirls (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) testing in 2016, an international test of literacy skills undertaken in fifty countries. The results of these tests have shown that Irish students are doing extremely well in reading in comparison to other countries. We are delighted that our school was one of the schools that had a chance to take part. The results of these tests show the tremendous efforts Irish schools make in enabling all children read to the best of their ability. I would like to thank all the teachers in our school and across the country for their efforts and enthusiasm in the teaching of literacy skills and the many other topics they cover on a daily basis.

Our school was also chosen to take part in the ePirls test which tested online literacy using computers. The results in this test were also very impressive for Ireland with only Singapore scoring higher of the countries tested.

In our school we use a number of different types of engaging reading tools. In the junior classes we implement Jolly Phonics, we are using Literacy Lift off in Senior Infants and First class with many other classes using station teaching in teaching English. We also use Reading Eggs in many classes which allows the children to read in a fun engaging way while moving along maps according to their ability. This differentiated learning allows children to progress at their own pace and allows teachers to monitor areas of difficulty. After Christmas we will start using the Accelerated reader program with fourth and fifth classes.

Thanks also to parents who promote reading at home and read to their children or purchase books for them. I would encourage parents to join and use the local library.

Key Results

  • No country in Europe is better than Ireland for reading skills at primary level
  • Irish pupils’ overall reading achievement score has improved by 15 points since the last cycle of the study which was in 2011
  • The gender gap in Ireland is smaller than that the gap internationally. Furthermore, this gap has narrowed significantly between 2011 and 2016 in Ireland
  • Since the last study in 2011, the number of pupils in Ireland with only basic reading skills has dropped significantly
  • The percentage of Irish pupils who have advanced reading skills rose from 16% in 2011 to 21% in 2016, which is much higher than the international average in PIRLS
  • Irish pupils also performed exceptionally well on the new online reading assessment in ePIRLS. Only one other country (Singapore) outperformed Ireland on this test

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