Children’s Work

Questionnaire for SPHE


Below some of the childrens own work will appear.

5 Km running award.
5K running challenge
Seachtain Na Gaeilge prize winners from Ms. Fitzpatrick’s Class
MsFitzpatrick SnaG

Two of our students visited Disneyland during the year.

Mairead wrote a little piece

I went to Disneyland by Mairead.

Rebecca wrote a little story here.

Rebecca in Disneyland

Irish Dancing

Hi my name is Sophie.
Hi my name is Órlaith.

We do Irish dancing, this is our life. We practise up to two hours a day and go to dance class three times a week. At the end of the year we have exams. We have to say the names of the dances in Irish and answer questions in Irish. The judge gives you marks out of 100.

When you are a beginner you start at Grade A. When you start to win dances you up a grade. The grades are A,B,C, pre-open and open. Open is the highest grade. We dance in some of the high grades

When you are a beginner you have a class dress/skirt. When you are in higher grades you get an individual dress.


There are two types of shoes, poms and hornpipes. Poms are light shoes and hornpipes are heavy and make noise.

hornpipe  poms

When you are dancing you wear a wig. There are bun wigs which just sit on top of your head, there are also full wigs which are ones that cover your full head.

hair front hair back

Once you get to higher grades you wear full wigs. The accessories you wear are tiaras, flowers, bows and hairbands. When you get older the tiaras get bigger. The tiaras cost between €100 and €300.

This is how you get ready for a feis – you start with makeup and fake tan. Then you put on your costume, wig and accessories, then socks and shoes. You wear sparkly poodle socks. When you go to the feis there are different sections that you dance on and at the end they call out the results. If you come 1st you get a trophy. We have a whole bookshelf of trophies.

There is also a Cup Competition where you dance against everyone in your age group and the top five get a cup and a sash. We won 1st place and got a big cup.

The World’s is a very famous Irish dancing competition. People from all over the world go to it. We are going this year. It’s in Killarney Co. Kerry and it’s the toughest competition.

We dance with the Dargan School of Irish Dance. Our teachers are Adeline and Claudia Dargan. They are the best teachers EVER!!!

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