Covid 19 Device Loan

We recognise that engaging in Distance Learning has been difficult for some families as not every family has easy access to a digital device for their child(ren). For this reason, we would like to try to help those families that we can, by offering a loan of one of the school devices for the duration of this distance learning/homeschool period.

Unfortunately, we have a limited number of devices that we can offer on loan to families. Devices will be allocated to families based need, according to the following categories:

  1. Families with no device at all
  2. Families with only smartphones
  3. Where the only devices in the household are needed for parents working or for siblings studying for second-level exams
  4. Families where the proportion of people to devices is low e.g. 6 in the house and only 2 devices
  5. Other

If your family would like to apply for the loan of a device, please complete the form below. We will inform you if a device is available and when you can collect your device as soon as possible.

Parents and pupils must agree to abide by the loan agreement document and the schools acceptable use policy.