Information for parents.

Information for parents

School Timetable

School opens: 9.20am
School lunch break: 12.30pm-1.00pm
School finishes: 2.00pm (Junior and Senior Infants)
3.00pm (1st – 6th class)

School Uniform

A school uniform is worn by all pupils:

Infants – 1st class:

Plain Navy tracksuit with crest. Tracksuit with crest available in Rea’s Family Fashions, Fair Green, Bagnelastown. Crest also available separately in the school office.

2nd – 6th class

Girls: Wine pinafore/skirt, cardigan/ jumper/ tie/, cream shirt, wine socks/tights
Boys: Navy trousers, wine jumper/tie, cream shirt.
School tracksuit: Plain navy tracksuit. Crest available from the school office.
Shoes: Wherever possible shoes with velcro fastening should be worn by infant children.
Children wear their school tracksuits on P.E. days and other days at teachers request. School crest also available from the school office separately.

Please note all items of school uniform and tracksuit should be clearly marked with owners name.


  • Homework is given throughout the school.
  • Weekend homework is given at the discretion of the class teacher.
  • Teachers bear in mind the differing needs and abilities of the children when giving homework.
  • Homework should take 10-15 minutes at junior level and be increased to approx. 1 hour at senior level.
  • Correcting and reviewing homework is important.
  • Parents are asked to sign homework or homework diary.


Information on healthy lunches can be found on this leaflet from

Infectious diseases


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