School Self Evaluation

Maths survey


Links to self-evaluation surveys:

Ms Corr

Reading survey

Pupil Survey

SPHE survey

Ms. McDermott

Reading survey

Pupil Survey

SPHE survey

Update March 2019:

As a school we are constantly trying to improve the school and the education of our pupils. Recently we have undertaked a review of ICT provision.

Our Digital Learning plan for the next two years is available to view here.

Digital Learning Plan (Roll No. 18183k)


As part of the School Self Evaluation process our school undertook an evaluation of Numeracy in the school. Below you can find links to a summary of the report and a summary of our school improvement plan. While we are happy with the teaching of numeracy in the school, there is always room for improvement and we will strive to do so over the next three years.

The next step in the process is to start looking at the teaching of Literacy in the school. This will take place this year with a plan in place to start next year.

QofU School Self Evaluation Report-for-Community

QofU Community Summary School Improvement Plan

The school self evaluation summary report and the summary school improvement plan for maths are also available to view in the school.

Parents may find the following links helpful for numeracy.

Parents and Maths
NCCA information for parents.

Students in our school have also been taking part in our School self evaluation process. Here is a photo of some of the girls from sixth class completing their questionnaires online.
Photo 11

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